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...pasta stories.

The founder of our homemade pasta shop on the "piazzetta", Mrs. Angela Comotto - “A Giuliînn-a” as everybody called her in Genoese - is still remembered today by some of our customers.


In those days, children would stop their games to the sound of an engine and run to the roadside just to watch the occasional car passing by. Despite the fact that a good pasta dish was probably waiting for him at home, the driver would sometimes pull over to the pavement and, crossing the small square, would go into our little shop for a ...carb refuel!


Now the fourth generation of the family is working in the shop, and even though it does not seem so, the road ahead is still a long one. Every day we try to balance new technologies with traditional recipes and procedures, and it is still a truly fascinating challenge.

                                            Alberto and Andrea

     4th generation...

90 years old. We don't look our age, do we?

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